When you think of the 70s, you think of the fashions, the music and the fun! And records...VINYL records! Classic albums and compilations featuring the hits of the day with titles like 'Dynamite', 'Scorcher', 'Choc-O-Block', 'Hitwave', 'Bobby Dazzler', and 'Ripper' - chock full of great songs.

“Supersonic 70s” is a 100% live music and visual experience that pays tribute to those spectacular Seventies by bringing all those elements together to celebrate simpler times.

Glam it up with hits from The Sweet, T-Rex, Skyhooks, David Bowie and KISS.

Let your inner rocker out with timeless rock classics from bands including Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, AC/DC and Black Sabbath - live and loud, as the makers intended!

Put on your boogie shoes because those 70s Disco hits are as fresh and funky today as they were at Studio 54...groovy!

It's a time when music came of age and “Supersonic 70s” wants to take you back, if only for a while, to revisit the fun, the fashion, and the eternal sounds of those musically halcyon days.

You probably won't have had as much fun since...well, the 70s!

CONTACT - Keith Williams Mob : 0409 252 898 email : wewantmore.band@gmail.com